What to do in your garden in March

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from Garden Organic:-

Come and see Garden Organic Ryton and the beautiful display of spring bulbs and flowers

Vegetables – Grow Your Own

Kohl Rabi – best sown in modules for transplanting
Sow green manures where soil is bare
Plant onion sets and shallots
Prepare asparagus beds

Fruit Garden

Cobnuts and filberts
Retrain canes of blackberries
Cover strawberries for an early crop

Herb garden

Start seed sowing
Check shrubby herbs for wind and snow damage
Check cuttings taken last autumn

Ornamental garden

Sow some hardy annuals
Make a wigwam frame for sweet peas
Plant summer flowering bulbs

In general

Seeds need sowing: As the ground warms up, the soil can be cultivated. Sow seeds direct into the ground outside or in to modules and trays for transplanting next month.

There are a couple of courses running this month:
Artisan Sausage Making Course Wednesday 16th March
Non-chemical weed management for vegetable production Lantra Training Monday 21st March at Arrow Organic Vegetables Ltd Pembridge


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