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Hello and welcome to our first ever edition of our E Quarterly magazine. Last year a group of us decided we wanted to have a magazine  focusing purely on GreenFriends. If you would like to see anything you would like to see included please contact us at

Growing Food as an offering to AMMA 

Veggies 1

The start of the growing season is upon us and now is the time to plan what you are able to try to grow in what space  you have.

Last year devotees brought vegetables to the London programme as an offering to AMMA to be used in a meal during the visit. We took the vegetables up to AMMA to ask for her blessings for this new and exciting venture. AMMA touched and held much of the produce that we had brought, (see the pictures above) and we told her about the idea to practise the InDeed Pledge ‘Grow vegetables’ by using the vegetables to feed the devotees at the London visit. AMMA said“good, good”. So the kitchens then used the vegetables in a dish for the snack bar. This year with AMMA’s blessings we plan to go bigger and better. It would be wonderful if we could grow enough to have a dish everyday to be offered to devotees. If you are planning to grow any vegetable this year then why not contemplate whether it can be as an offering to AMMA and feed devotees?

The most important aspect of this is INTENTION to grow vegetables for the love you have for AMMA. The quantity is not important. You can bring one carrot or a leek or a tomato, it is just as valuable and appreciated as those who have more space and can bring more. It would be amazing to have a meal that has been contributed to by many of AMMA’s children. How happy AMMA will be to know her children are following her InDeed pledge and thinking of others. The aim would be to have a variety of dishes to cook so to ensure the vegetables are used in suitable recipes and ideas so far have been soup, vegetable shepherd’s pie, roast veg etc. The dish needs to be fairly simple to prepare so the kitchen has the time to focus on this as well as all the other foods they prepare for us. Growing can be a hit and miss affair.

What you intend to grow and what you end up with can be rather different. What we would need to know is what you plan to offer and then nearer the time what you are offering in quantity. We may need to keep the type of vegetable to a small range so that it will be easier to use in a recipe. However what matters is for you to try and have fun!

If you want to become involved and wonder what you can grow in the space you have and with the time you have etc then contact or

by Richard and Kaivalya- Sheffield GF Reps

See more photos of GreenFriends with Amma

Allotment News

Pandy Allotment Welsh Borders

Allotment number 4 at Llanvihangel Crucorney Allotments. “Ma’s Patch.”

It is with great pleasure I can now confirm that I have an allotment number 4 at Pandy, 250m squared,10 m wide and 25m long, it is a full war time sized allotment. At the moment it has some grass growing so my first job is to weed, then use a rotavator on the soil. Because of the mammoth task, I have separated into 4 plots and therefore 4 stages. The first plot already has a few parsnips and raspberries growing so I will weed and put in some seeds that I already have, just to see something happen fairly quickly and inspire me. The second will have potatoes, fairly cheap to plant and will enrich the soil the third will be completely turned and covered, ready for planting summer vegetables. The back part of the plot I am next to the fence and the shadow from larger plants will be over the fields rather than a neighbour’s plot so I am looking into larger plants and trees here. 

I am also growing flowers for our local Amma Satsangs and have a plan to grow a lovely bunch of allotment grown flowers for Amma at the London Programme this year. Also I am planning in vegetables that will ripen in October to offer for our GreenFriends cooked dish as it was such a success last year. I feel very blessed to have received this allotment, its in a beautiful spot with the sacred mountain the Skirrid overlooking on one side and Hatterall Hill of the Black Mountains on the other. The site has full sun shine, plus a community orchard around its perimeters. We are encouraged by the committee to use stripped poles of wood from the natural hedgerow for our beans. The committee also meet monthly at the local pub for discussions and have a Saturday morning work party once a month. There are storage sheds, that are under Brecon Beacons National park legislation at the moment and have permission for 3 years, the committee are looking to help them up date local legislation to remain permanently. I will keep everyone updated with this years progress on the allotment page, Welsh Borders, follow this link to read about our first day……  First-day-at-pandy-allotment

Allotment West London

Adele London allotment
Beginning Saturday, 22nd of March
We (Parvati & I) broke ground and weeded the allotment 

West London Allotment Dates

Next Date: Saturday 19th of April

Time: 12:30 -3:30

Planting seedlings sown in March. If you are interested in attending our next date, please send an email to

Amma Mobile Temple this summer 

The Amma Mobile Temple will be at several festivals this summer including Glastonbury and The Big Green Gathering. To find out more please contact We would love more GreenFriends at these events.

UK Amma Friends Retreats 2014

Adele and Dayakaran planting potatoes and flowers seeds

14 &15 March at Maitreya house.

The sun was shining as I approached Maitreya House in Herefordshire; I was glad to be back with my Amma friends and also intrigued by the planned events which included 5 Rhythms dancing. 5 Rhythms is a movement meditation practice devised by Gabrielle Roth and is drawn from indigenous and world traditions. Quite a few of us were newbie’s to 5 Rhythms and I’m quite shy about dancing in public so wondered what it entailed. But as the music started and Surya skilfully guided us through the different rhythms I found myself relaxing and going with the flow. The fact that the environment was so supportive really helped. The music had been expertly put together, from Bhajans to Muse and helped connect with the different movements.

Another couple of highlights for me was during the Greenfriends day on the Sunday, after the group eco meditation on the lawn we did an improv dowsing session then had the chance to do some gardening where flower seeds, red onions and potatoes were planted.

There were so many great moments during our time together I feel so blessed to have the chance to be with my dear Amma Sisters and Brothers and I look forward to the next time!

Adele- Birmingham GF Rep

Want to read about the retreat and see more pictures, please follow this link?…

Amma UK Nature Hike Dates

UK Greenfriends are conducting a yearly schedule of Nature Hikes to welcome our relationship with nature and how we can nourish this connection. Those who assist with this project are local GF Reps from across the UK. This seva is ongoing and a project to celebrate how we live within nature.



13th April (Palm Sunday) Wychwood Forest

See this Event




To tie in with the June Birmingham satsang, contact


Monday 21st July, 10 am, Hatterall Hill Black Mountains at 10am. Please join us post Maitreya House Retreat, for a 2/3 hour walk, reasonable fitness required, suitable all weather clothing, contact me Surya


Sunday 24th August in the Peak District  contact

Would you like to offer your help? For more information or to volunteer please send an email to

Want to read about previous hikes and see pictures, please follow this link?…..


GreenFriends Europe

GreenFriends Europe have decided to organise the 2014 Experience Week with InDeed Campaign as the main topic. They will keep the same general organisation (open space forum, skill markets…) and include many workshops to develop InDeed materials, as tutorial videos. This Experience Week will take place from 5th to 14th of July 2014 in the French Centre (la Ferme du Plessis). Please  check their website for more info

Read all about the European GreenFriends Facebook page and Warren Bush two week permaculture course in France on this page …

UK GreenFriends Saturdays at your home garden, a park, or somewhere in nature

You are invited to take a walk in nature every Saturday and appreciate the planet we live on.
9:30 am Selfless service, caring for the orchards and gardens, canals, rivers –
recycling and cleaning the area, planting trees, gardening or assisting others with their gardens, etc.

4:30 pm Chanting of the Sri Lalitha Sahasranama (the 1,000 names of the Divine Mother).
5:30 – 8:30 pm Read a nature book, join a local walking group, end with a short meditation, followed by an organic vegetarian dinner grown by yourself or bought at a farmers market

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

Thank you to Adele for being our first GreenFriends Enews Editor… hip hip hooray!!!!

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