Turning the desert green

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Forest 10x10cm between trees

Is it possible to turn desert sand into soil? There are potential techniques that will do this. This picture shows the effect of using liquid nano clay, as described in this video. Liquid nano clay (or LNC) is a special mixture of clay and water made by Desert Control in Stavanger. The company states:-

“Our invention is a new way of mixing soil and water such that it envelopes each sand grain perfectly and spread[s] the clay perfectly in the sand – in one go. When LNC is applied the sand turns into a sponge-like fabric that holds on moisture/water and thereby holds the nutrients in the soil much better. Consequently you need less water for irrigation (between 30 to 60% less), and the crop gets more nutrients and grows better yield. The Mychorrizal Fungi – vital for any plant – thrives and grows in LNC treated sand.”

NB You cannot make this process work if there are no mycorrhizal fungi to coexist with the plants!

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