Saukhyam reusable pads

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Please support awareness raising of Saukhyam Pads

Saukhyam reusable menstrual pads are  inspired by Amma to support nature, using  banana  fibre  which can absorb up to six times its weight in fluid!  Watch this short video to see how the banana fibre is harvested and prepared to be used in the pads. Again Amma’s sankalpa and example  fills us with awe!

We are keen to spread the news and support this Green Friends initiative – we need your help! If you know of  a group of people that we could provide an awareness session to please let us know. This could be a group of university students, your work colleagues, a women’s group meeting , an environmentally friendly organisation or your friends and family members.  Please help us to support Amma’s project by  contacting us at  We are open to any suggestions!

Thank you , The Saukyam UK Team

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This site attempts to gather material and interested people concerned with Amma's environmental initiative. The more the merrier! I hope that people will start to take part in this enterprise in their own lives as well as sharing what they know.

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