Regenerative farming

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Regenerative agriculture in Spain, where the gaps between vines are no longer ploughed, and the Knepp Estate in UK, where some areas are returning to being farmed.

Miguel Torres, whose family company is embracing the regenerative approach, at his vineyards in Penedès. See this Guardian article.
Carrington unwinds an electric fence to ‘move the mob’ of cattle towards fresh grass around the estate. To move the herd on, all Carrington has to do is shout “fresh grass” and the cows are soon mooing and running into the next section. “I can get cows anywhere using those two words,” he says. See this article.

In the rewilding project, biodiversity is the product with meat as a by-product. On the regenerative farm, meat is the product, and biodiversity the by-product. The livestock density on the rewilding side is 0.25 units a hectare, while the density on the farm will be four times greater.

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