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“Wild Again is an Authorised Charity with a simple purpose: Buy deforested land, help it regenerate, and protect it from exploitation again forever. £4 will purchase about 100 square metres of deforested land. That is about the land area of a typical house or large apartment. £200 will purchase an area about the size of a football field.
Example Deforested Land
£4 (100 sq metres of land) will help fight global warming by absorbing about 100 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Humans are producing carbon dioxide at a rapid rate. For example, a typical 3 hour return flight on a commercial airplane produces about 500kg per passenger. Therefore, a contribution of £20 today for reforestation can absorb the emissions of one such trip per year.
Reforestation also rebuilds wildlife habitats where they have previously been destroyed. That same £20 will ensure a permanent home for up to 500 birds and other animals.
Reforestation protects against erosion and desertification. Where mankind has deforested land, the soil can be defenceless to the rain and wind. Eventually the topsoil can literally be washed or blown away, leaving no prospect for that land to ever revert to its natural state. Further, because the land no longer absorbs the water and releases it slowly over time, deforestation is the main reason why flooding is more common now than in our parents’ generation.”
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