Planting trees in Heartwood

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Join the Woodland Trust’s planting events:-

February 22nd

March 2nd, 8th, 14th and 20th

Time:  10.00 until 15.00 but no problem if you can only make part of the day.

Planting site:  Within the deer-fenced area to the north of the Nomansland Farm (see attached map) and some hedgerow planting.

Where to meet:  At the planting site.   

Parking:  There’s limited parking at the planting site.  Best to park at Nomansland Common car park (shown on the attached map).  If several of you arrive at that car park by 10.00, you could get into just one or two cars for transfer to the planting site.  Alternatively, walk along Ferrers Lane to the cross-roads with the B651 and take the public bridleway signed opposite. 

Refreshments:  Hot drinks will be available but please bring your own snacks and cold drinks.

Loos:  At the junction of the public bridleway and Coleman Green Lane.

Tools:  Will be provided.

What to wear:  Gloves, rugged waterproof footwear, plenty of layers and waterproofs.

Tim Wright

Woodland Trust volunteer

M:  07515 001046

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