Oxford Ideal Green Home Show

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I agreed to help at the council’s composting stand at this show.  In front of the official information on the table and the screens, I positioned my Bokashi bin and invited members of the public to become a Bokashi expert, by putting in some food waste and sprinkling a little Bokashi powder over it.

One lady asked how Bokashi is made, and found that it is made with EM liquid mixed with rice bran, molasses and fish meal.  “Fish meal?  I’m a vegan,” said she.

There was a little time to explore the other stands.  I found two interesting exhibitors.  One provides solar panels and is based in Oxfordshire.  The other supplies huge tanks to store rainwater.  If you have a sloping garden, you can apparently fit a pipe to take the water from the tank to a tap in the garden close to your plants, and use it like a normal tap, e.g. for hosing.  Has anyone tried this?

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