‘Neonics’ – more bad news

The Soil Association has reported further dangers from neonicotinoids, the chemical pesticides which are known to be dangerous to bees:-

Now, disturbing new research, part-funded by the Soil Association and thanks to the Roddick Foundation, reveals that neonicotinoids don’t just stop at the crop. They seep into soils and dust and into hedgerows and flowers growing nearby. With around 60% of neonicotinoids remaining in use, used on wheat and barley – our countryside is being poisoned.

  Instead of being the haven for wildlife they should be, our hedgerows have turned into potential  death traps for the creatures that rely on them.

We’ve made a simple infographic to show the situation – please share this with your friends and family to spread the message about this important issue now before we run out of time.

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