National Tree Week (November 27th to December 5th)

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Help make West Oxfordshire a greener place

Green-fingered volunteers are being asked to branch out and get involved in a West Oxfordshire tree-planting scheme at three locations during National Tree Week (November 27th to December 5th).

[For a report see here.]

The initiatives, to take place simultaneously on Saturday December 4th, are designed to make areas better places for people and wildlife.

They are supported by The Wychwood Project, a scheme that works to raise awareness of the history and identity of the area that used to be the former Royal Forest of Wychwood, and The Oxfordshire Woodland Project, a county council service that assists private woodland owners and community groups.

Where will trees be planted?

Community action group Sustainable Woodstock and the town’s Probus Club are tree-planting on a site donated by Blenheim Estates just off the A44 going north out of Woodstock as part of their new community woodland from 10.30am. For more information contact Colin Carritt or David Rees at the Oxfordshire Woodland Project on 01865-815427.

The Witney Woodland Volunteers (WWV) have been given permission by West Oxfordshire District Council to plant saplings in seven acres of land on Deer Park Road in Witney. The planting will take place from 11am to 3pm. Call 01993-702202 for more information.

The Wychwood Project Conservation Action Team and residents of Stanton Harcourt will be planting trees donated by The Woodland Trust behind The Fox public house in the village from 10am to 1pm. Call Jane Bowley for additional information on 01865-815422 or send her an email at

The WWV has raised grants to plant hundreds of trees each weekend from the Oxfordshire Community Trust Grassroots Fund, The Woodland Trust and The Witney Town Hall Charity.

Easy and fun

Eric Dougliss, Oxfordshire County Council’s County Forester, said: “Thousands of people up and down the country will be planting trees during this National Tree Week. I would encourage people in Oxfordshire to get involved and help make their part of the world a better place for people and wildlife.

“Planting a tree only takes a few minutes and the benefits of doing so grow with the tree and lasts for years. It’s easy, it’s fun and there will be experts to show people how it’s done.”

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