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More Trees, More Good is an exciting new campaign that aims to encourage everyone to plant more trees.

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with only 4% native woodland cover. But we need at least twice as many native trees and woods for the sake of wildlife and people, to combat climate change and improve our environment. Though ambitious, this aim is ultimately achievable – but only if we work together. From farmers and communities to schools and companies, we all have a role to play.

If you have land, we can help you plant trees on it. If you’d prefer to support our cause financially, we’ll make sure your money goes towards creating more places rich in woods and trees. Let’s form a vast nationwide tree-planting movement that everyone can join – and work alongside each other to create a well-wooded and greener UK.
Latest News:
Sainsbury’s is planting two million trees

Latest report:
Just 15% of us live close to accessible woodland

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