Meditation and Compassion

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Meditating and doing spiritual practices doesn’t mean sitting in a lotus posture with your eyes closed. It also means to selflessly serve people who are suffering, to console those who are in distress, to smile at someone and to say a few loving words.

Plants and trees have feelings too. They can even feel afraid. When someone goes up to a tree with an axe, the tree feels so afraid that it trembles. You cannot see it, but if you have a compassionate heart, you will feel it.

Gaining mastery over your mind is the most important education that you can get. That is spiritual education.

Those who harm others out of selfishness are in fact digging a pit into which they themselves will fall. It is like spitting in air while lying on your back; the spit will fall on your face.

Children if each one of us makes the effort, we can get rid of the poverty in this world.  Amma

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