June 2013 Allotment Diary

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“Whatever is provided by Nature, the very source of flowers and plants, should be lovingly returned to it. This is the symbolism behind the offering of flowers to God. It also helps to enhance our devotion to God. Worship performed with one-pointedness helps to diminish thoughts, and this in turn cleanse and purifies the mind.”

From Man and Nature by Amma

Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha

Broad beans in flower

Green Retreat

There is a Greenfriends UK retreat happening on the late May Bank Holiday weekend. By the time you get this Enews, it may well be underway. We will let you know how it went in the next Enews. The theme is Amma’s InDeed Campaign. See the link below for details of the InDeed Campaign.


Bird feeder Update

We have decided to continue feeding the birds into early summer. We normally stop in the spring (opinions vary as to whether this is a good idea or not for the birds), but have decided to continue this year because the last 12 months have been so tough for them, with a cold wet summer, and a cold winter.

We have recently put out nyjer seeds in addition to mixed seeds, fat balls and peanuts. Nyjer seeds are supposed to be attractive to certain kinds of finches: goldfinches and siskins for example. It took a month before they found it, but now we have a couple of goldfinches feeding from it. Here is one of them.

There is also an enormous woodpigeon hanging around the feeding station. You know, the kind that is so heavy, that when it lands on a branch, the branch slowly bends until the woodpigeon



We call it “pog”. This is a Sheffield dialect word meaning a glutton!! We do chase it off when we see it, which isn’t nice in some ways, but we do worry about it scaring off the smaller birds.

 Allotment Diary

At least some days are warmer now than they have been, but the nights are still cold. We have had a low of +2°C on our allotment in the last week. This has meant that we have had to cover all our plants in fleece to protect them from the danger of frost. The greenhouse looks like something from out of an old movie, you know the ones when people move into a really old house, and everything is covered in dust sheets!!!

It is actually now full of plants, tomatoes, chillis, peppers and cucumbers, as well as seeded up runner beans, French beans, peas, leeks, and lettuce. It is somewhat crowded in there. We have decided to try and grow some salad plants in the greenhouse, due to the voracious slug attacks outside. So we have 2 trays of lettuces, with 2 different varieties, and a small planter of something called mizuna. We are not completely sure what this is, but it is apparently a slightly spicy oriental leaf.

The new potatoes are emerging outside (under fleece), a bit late, but everything is late this year. The garlic is doing well, as is also the red and white onions.

We are getting our usual second flush of perpetual spinach and kale, which almost always happens in the spring. It is really lovely to start getting leaves from these plants again after a break of a few months.

We have many seedling at home of courgettes, squash, pumpkin and sweetcorn, just waiting for the weather to get a little warmer.

The fruit trees are all in blossom, a few weeks late like everything else. The currants and gooseberries are all in blossom. In fact, we have a couple of small gooseberries growing. These we will net soon, to protect them from birds. We love birds, but we also love getting food from our allotment.

Om Namah Shivaya

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