January 2011 Allotment Diary

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January Allotment Diary

“The scriptures of India teach that a householder should perform the pancha yajnas, or five daily sacrifices……….Bhuta Yajna is the last sacrifice; it is to serve all living beings as embodiments of the Universal Being. This is done through the feeding of and caring for the animal kingdom and the plants.”

From Man and Nature by Amma

This is going to be a brief news article from us. We hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and warm recently. The temperature on our allotment has been as low as
-11 C. Not as cold as some, but cold enough!

Feeding the Birds (Again)

Kaivalya says that apparently in 1963 in the very cold winter, 80% of British songbirds died. Please, please, please put some food out for the birds so we can at least keep some of them alive. Amma says in the quote above that this kind of action was perceived as a spiritual practice in India.

Allotment Diary

Well, there is not a lot to say about the allotment at the moment. The photos below show you how it has been for the last month or so.

Here is our allotment covered with snow and hoar frost.

Here are our swedes looking a bit battered by frost and snow. Obviously we can’t take any out as the ground is frozen solid!!!

And finally here is a closeup of some very beautiful hoar frost.

We wish you all the best for the holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and we will see you all next month.

Om Amriteshwaryai Namah

Richard and Kaivalya

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