Interview with Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch

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Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul), in conversation with Charlie Rose:-


“Q: Your message is spiritual, that it is a spiritual responsibility…
A: It is.
Q: … of the church and its leaders for you to connect to the planet a spirituality.
A: I used to say that the ecological problem is not nearly an economic or a political problem. It is mainly a spiritual and ethical question, because it shows our relation not only to God or with God, but also our relations with the creator of everything according to our faith, but also our relation to his creation, because the creation is creation of God is also sacred, and we have to respect it and to protect it according to the order of the first book of the Old Testament, and simply to use it and not to abuse it.
Think of the coming generations who must share the same treasures, the same resources of the planet as we do today.”

“Usually we speak about the education of our children and the good food of our children, but what about the air that they breathe and the water they drink? Now and tomorrow and after tomorrow we have to think of the coming generations, the posterity. “

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