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GreenFriends UK update-Growing Food as an offering to AMMA

Amma holding a huge marrow
Amma holding a huge pumpkin

The start of the growing season is upon us and now is the time to plan what you are able to try to grow in what space you have.

Last year devotees brought vegetables to the London programme as an offering to AMMA to be used in a meal during the visit. We took the vegetables up to AMMA to ask for her blessings for this new and exciting venture. AMMA touched and held much of the produce that we had brought, (see the pictures above) and we told her about the idea to practice the InDeed Pledge ‘Grow vegetables’ by using the vegetables to feed the devotees at the London visit. AMMA said “good, good.” So the kitchens then used the vegetables in a dish for the snack bar. This year with AMMA’s blessings we plan to go bigger and better. It would be wonderful if we could grow enough to have a dish everyday to be offered to devotees.

If you are planning to grow any vegetable this year then why not contemplate whether it can be as an offering to AMMA and feed devotees?

The most important aspect of this is INTENTION to grow vegetables for the love you have for AMMA. The quantity is not important.. You can bring one carrot or a leek or a tomato, it is just as valuable and appreciated as those who have more space and can bring more. It would be amazing to have a meal that has been contributed to by many of AMMA’s children. How happy AMMA will be to know her children are following her InDeed pledge and thinking of others.

The aim would be to have a variety of dishes to cook so to ensure the vegetables are used in suitable recipes and ideas so far have been soup, vegetable shepherd’s pie, roast veg etc. The dish needs to be fairly simple to prepare so the kitchen has the time to focus on this as well as all the other foods they prepare for us. Growing can be a hit and miss affair. What you intend to grow and what you end up with can be rather different. What we would need to know is what you plan to offer and then nearer the time what you are offering in quantity. We may need to keep the type of vegetable to a small range so that it will be easier to use in a recipe. However what matters is for you to try and have fun!

If you want to become involved and are wondering what you can grow in the space you have and with the time you have etc., then contact lucydevi@yahoo.co.uk or richard65buddha@gmail.com.Subject: Newsletter for GreenFriends coordinators – March 2014

By Richard and Kaivalya-Sheffield GreenFriends Representatives

GreenFriends Europe update-March 2014
News from GreenFriends in Europe
MARCH 2014


Dear all

We hope all of you are fine and your activities are going well.
Please find 3 information about GreenFriends in Europe as our semestrial newsletter. Thanks in advance to have a look at them. 

The InDeed Campaign for Nature and attached activities are now developping in different countries in Europe :
– beekeeping 9-days trainings in 2 places in France with people committed to install a beehive at home,
– GetGrowing sessions all over Europe,
– National InDeed meetings in France,
– many activities, including artistic ones, by the Milano satsang groups (visit the page)
We decided to organise the 2014 Experience Week (5th edition) with InDeed Campaign as the main topic. We will keep the same general organisation (open space forum, skill markets…) and include many workshops to develop InDeed materials, as tutorial videos.
This Experience Week will take place from 5th to 14th of July 2014 in the French Centre (la Ferme du Plessis). Please forward this information to the people involved in InDeed or green activities in your countries.
Amma agreed for us to start working on a Facebook page to promote the InDeed Campaign.

The aim of this facebook page is to highlight all the practical actions that Amma has inspired in favour of the environment, along the 6 axes of the InDeed campaign.
This page will also be a nice way to promote your upcoming events, and a nice way for people to share tips and advices and get inspired to do more.
Devapriyan, in charge of this, will send you a detailed tutorial saying how to post an event or report when the page is up.
Before that, we have to get the background information ready so that it does not look empty at the start. We would like to show as many as possible of the actions you have taken up in any of the 6 InDeed axis from September 2012 onwards (launching of the campaign). Even small actions are most welcome, like one person growing 2 or three veggies in a flat, or people building a insect shelter in their home, or a carpooling testimony.
There are three ways of sharing this information:
a. You can give us a link to an existing webpage or Facebook page (open to the public) that reports the action.
b. You can send us a PDF document describing the action. It’s ideal if there is the InDeed and ETW logo on it with the InDeed graphic charter.
c. If you have none of those you can send us a small text (1 to 4 sentences in english) with photos describing the event.
The quality should be fairly good since this page will be given official exposure for Amma’s organisation. If the text is not in English, please do send also a very short introduction in english so that we can understand what it’s all about. All videos are most welcome (YouTube uploads are ideal)
In all cases we need to know the date, the place and country where it took place and a contact person who knows about this action (email, if possible phone as well)
If possible it would be nice to know the number of people who attended and the outcome of the action
Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm and your dedication to carry on Amma’s work.
Please send your material to Devapriyan (dorian.spaak@gmail.com) as soon as possible (deadline would ideally be Monday, March 31)

For 2 years, we have been welcoming Warren Brush in Europe to develop our permaculture activities. This year, because of personal obligations, Warren can only come to give the 2-weeks Permaculture Design Course in France. 6 other teachers are participating in the course including Peter Ash (USA) and Norbert Fond (France) who are devotees becoming permaculture teachers with the mentoring of Warren.

For 2 years, GreenFriends-France has also developped activities around food forests with 3 diffferent food forests and different courses in North and South of France.
This experience led by Norbert has led to a 90-pages Food forest manual, in line with the quality and graphic design of the GetGrowing manual.
It is for the moment only in French and would be printed in larger scale if Amma agrees. We might also translate in the future in other languages if you are interested.

All the best for the coming Spring and looking forward to knowing more about your recent activities.

In Amma’s Love and Service,

Divyanand, for GreenFriends-Europe.