GreenFriends Ireland

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Has anyone noticed what GreenFriends Ireland is doing?

1) GET GROWING – a new 8 week course starting at 8 pm on Tuesday 29th March 2011 in Room 6, SMA Hall, Wilton, Cork.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all beginners to get started on their own vegetable gardens or container/balcony gardens.

2) The West Cork Garden project: come and join us! We’ll be growing organic veg, herbs & fruits, and learning nature-friendly methods for getting best results. This project is mainly intended for people who are unemployed but of course anyone who is interested is very welcome to come along. The produce we grow will be shared, for the benefit of those who otherwise could not afford organic food.

3) GreenFriends™ Tree Gift Vouchers

4) Creating an Amma Woodland in Co. Clare

Is there a similar project in the UK?  If so please tell us about it.

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This site attempts to gather material and interested people concerned with Amma's environmental initiative. The more the merrier! I hope that people will start to take part in this enterprise in their own lives as well as sharing what they know.