GreenFriends GetGrowing Training Courses in Ireland and the UK 2016

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LAST FEW PLACES AVAILABLE TO BOOK FOR UK COURSE: Click here for the booking form


What it is: Inspired by Amma, GetGrowing is a hands-on course that teaches how to grow your own, healthy food easily and successfully in whatever space you have available – be it a piece of land, garden, paved yard or balcony.

The popular course concentrates on the most useful methods to start an organic vegetable garden from scratch, how to sow and plant, care for, feed and protect vegetable plants in harmony with nature. At the same time it provides the basic insight and understanding for raising healthy and vigorous plants year after year. Topics include garden design, crop rotation, beds and container systems, feeding your soil, composting, natural pest control and much more.

The teaching is accompanied by a 100-pages, fully coloured, step by step manual to serve as a reference guide and to refresh and deepen what you have learned during the course.

How it came about: The GetGrowing project was developed in 2010 by non-professional volunteers in the spirit of service to society with the aim to help people to be more self-reliant and to be able to grow at least part of their food. It has since spread to many different countries.

Who it is for: The course is meant for beginners or improvers but is also suitable for people who already have knowledge and experience and wish to pass it on by becoming a teacher themselves.

Find out more about Get Growing here.

GetGrowing Residential Course 2016, Ireland (3 nights)

Following the success of last year’s Get Growing course in West Cork, GreenFriends Ireland is organizing another residential course for the May Bank Holiday weekend 2016.

Date:    29th April to May 2nd (Fri eve to Mon afternoon)

Location:    Hagal Farm, West Cork

Cost:    €95 per person. (The course is taught free of charge; the cost of €95 is to cover the 3 nights’ accommodation, all meals and materials.)

For any information and to sign up for the course please contact Val (, mobile 00353 87 1360757)

GetGrowing Residential Course UK May 13th-15th 2016 (two nights)

Amma wants this course to be taught in every country, and we’re pleased to announce that Eoin has offered to come over from Ireland to teach the first GetGrowing course in the UK. The venue for this first course will be Redfield Centre in Buckinghamshire, so put these dates in your diary and look out for further details in the next GreenFriends UK e-news due in mid-march, and also on the GreenFriends UK website. Or contact Mary on

Date:    13th May to 15th May (Friday evening to Sunday evening, two nights)

Location:    Redfield Centre, Buckingham Road, Winslow, BUCKS  MK18 3LZ

Cost:    £TBC per person. (The course is taught free of charge; the cost is to cover the 2 nights’
accommodation, all meals and materials.)

We hope this will be the first of many courses to be taught throughout the UK, but for this we require volunteers to train as teachers, gaining ability to pass on the knowledge and techniques in their own families, circle of friends or communities. If you’re interested in attending the Irish course to train as a UK teacher, please contact Clare Mulligan on