Greener Together

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Greener Together is a Co-operative venture described as follows:-

“Greener Together aims to help people to live in a more sustainable way. It does this by focusing on the small actions we can each take in our daily lives towards achieving bigger changes in the wider world. Many member organisations are already doing great things to encourage their members to live in a more sustainable way. The Greener Together project builds upon this success and helps to strengthen relationships’ between organisations and their members’.”

This fairly recent site is somewhat similar to the GreenFriends site.  But there are not many entries yet, and a number of spam comments have been allowed through.  (The GreenFriends site is more secure in that respect!)

There is a survey that you can go through to make a pledge…

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This site attempts to gather material and interested people concerned with Amma's environmental initiative. The more the merrier! I hope that people will start to take part in this enterprise in their own lives as well as sharing what they know.

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