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A member organization of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign, Embracing the World has organized the planting of more than 1 million trees globally since 2001. After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, ETW stabilized 13 kilometers of Kerala’s coast by planting 30,000 Casuarina saplings along the shoreline.
Through GreenFriends, our global grassroots environmental movement, we promote environmental awareness and local participation in conservation efforts throughout the world. GreenFriends stands apart from other conservation movements in its baseline philosophy – that we must act to save the environment not because our own lives depend on it, but because Nature is the mother of humanity and all living beings, and as such it is our responsibility to care for her. GreenFriends sees this paradigm shift as essential to securing a serious and lasting commitment to sustainable development.
Apart from planting trees, GreenFriends activities include permaculture, organic food production and beekeeping. GreenFriends also builds eco-friendly dwellings, promote the use of Efficient Micro-organisms (EM) as sanitizing agents, preserve land and water ecosystems, recycle and reduce waste. To reconnect people with nature, GreenFriends conduct workshops, nature retreats and group meditation in forests and other natural settings.
In Kerala, ETW also maintains three medicinal plant gardens covering more than 10 acres. The project is aimed at conserving coastal, midland and forest ecosystems, and providing employment for local women.
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