Green Friends Day in Derby

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Despite the deluge of snow the night before enthusiastic devotees from Birmingham , Sheffield and Oxford made their way to Derby for the Green Friends Day at the beginning of February.

When everyone was warmed up the day started with the Guru Stotram and 108 Names of Amma , followed by a very peaceful relaxation meditation led by Tony.

We were all very happy to be together and went on to plan some exciting Green events for the year ahead, including Tree planting and the possibility of a forest retreat. More details to follow in the near future.

After lunch we embarked on our silent meditation walk. We took a detour to a quieter area of the local park, as it seemd that half of Derby were on one side of the river sledging down the hill! The high point of our walk and possibly the whole day was the impromptu snow sculpture of Amma that we built. Luckily I had brought along my rudraksha beads and some shiny red paper for the finishing details.

[flickr video=6832390381 secret=8c989bf155 w=400 h=225]

Group with snowman

When it was complete we stood around it and said a silent prayer; the atmosphere became full of Her Presence.

When I told my eight year old nephew Ned about this he laughed and said to his brother – ‘they prayed to a snow statue!’  I asked him ‘What’s the difference between one we made outside from snow and a one made from stone that people pray to in Church?’   He stopped laughing at this point, and I think he gave me the benefit of the doubt!

A week later I passed the spot again. The sculpture was still there in part and unrecognisable, but it still felt like a sacred place to me.

Our final hour was taken up with making paper bags from recycled newspaper, decorated with shiny red hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day. We still have some available, so if you know of an outlet or trendy shop that might use them please get in touch.

At the end of the day everyone donned their coats, hats , scarves and wellies for the return journeys. The snowy white landscape  was a real blessing on our Green Day !

Group with Amma picture - and Twiglet


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