Electric surprise

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Yodfat 98 - olive grove
Yodfat 89 - olive grove

The olive grove is hundreds of years old. The older trees look like a vast mesh of knotted string, with the centre missing and split or on the way to splitting into separate trees.  They invite me to enter the grove; and as I pass between two of the ancient trees I feel a force surging through my forearms.  What is going on?

Yodfat 94 - olive grove

Hence the title of this post.  What happens when we make contact with trees?  Or should we say, when they make contact with us?  There is (or I hope there is) no scientific answer to this question.  All I know is that I feel the need to make physical contact with the tree and listen to what happens.

Yodfat 90 - olive grove
Yodfat 95 - olive grove

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