The Compass: Under The Canopy

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This is the title of three programmes on the World Service about forests; the first programme was first broadcast on Wednesday March 3rd. See In the first programme:- “Jessica unpicks the profound role that forests play in our imaginative … Continued

Heart of England Forest

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The Heart of England Forest, a registered charity, is dedicated to planting the largest new native Forest right in the heart of the country. We’ve already planted over 1 million trees, but our goal is to create a huge, unbroken … Continued

Mother Tree

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This film explains the sophisticated, underground, fungal network trees use to communicate and even share nutrients.  Thanks to the Parallel Community for the link.  


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See Matruvani September 2013 Timbaktu is a kind of oasis in a desert district of Andhra Pradesh that was once heavily forested until the trees were cut down to lay railway lines. “In just 20 years, hundreds of acres have … Continued

Ash dieback

Ash Dieback Outbreak – Composting From Garden Organic “Garden Organic is currently seeking clarification from leading researchers and organisations in the field about the life cycle, survival mechanisms and thermal death point of the fungal pathogen Chalara fraxinea, with regards … Continued