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Join our ‘buzz’ to help the bee

‘Forty-five new bee hives and colonies have been introduced to National Trust properties around the country in response to the huge decline in bee numbers, caused by the loss of wildflower habitats, pesticides, disease and recent poor summers.

Local BBC radio stations have been monitoring their progress and providing regular updates for listeners, as well as a host of information about bees and bee-keeping on their websites, and data on each hive is being collated by researchers at Worcester University

In [the Southern] region new hives have been introduced at Greys Court in Oxfordshire, Basildon Park in Berkshire, Morden Hall Park in London and Mottisfont in Hampshire, where the BBC has installed a “bee-cam” enabling visitors to watch the activity of bees deep inside the hive, providing a unique insight into a previously unseen world.’ (videos and text)

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