Basalt Rock Dust, The Ultimate Fertiliser, Totally Remineralise Your Soil

  1. Dave Dvijaraja Dasa says:

    Wonderful to see Amma at Alexandra Palace in London,  such a lovely place with delightful artwork at each end of the hall below the ceiling, and the magnificent organ, it would be great to hear that sometime.

    I am writing to bring basalt rock dust to the attention of all gardeners out there who have not yet heard of it. It has been used for many years by permaculture farmers and is totally organic, please google ‘youtube basalt rock dust’ and you will see many videos advising how best to use it.

    A nice one is on the first page, ‘Landward The Rock Dust One’ showing how a government study is now under way after many years of campaigning to confirm for everyone the merits of this natural fertiliser.

    In 1936 a United States Government senate committee hearing heard how soil on American farmland was so depleted even then that to get enough minerals from food grown on it, sufficient to properly maintain human health, a human being would literally need to eat a whole wheelbarrow full of vegetables to obtain what was neccessary. This is no exaggeration, as though one may receive adequate proteins, carbohydrates and fats from a normal sized portion of such food, one would still be suffering from malnutrition from such food, as regards mineral content, which in several ways is the most important content of all. It has been said by one very famous scientist that 95% of all diseases can be avoided by receiving adequate mineral content in food. I spent quite a number of years in the agricultural industry, before commencing work on a permaculture project, using purely organic methods. Yet through research I found that even organic produce is mostly grown on reclaimed conventional agricultural land, on soil that has had its structure ruined by damaging ploughing methods and by dustbowl and run off effects due to poisonous fertiliser like NPK (nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium) that destroys the microecology of the soil and breaks down its structure, allowing valuable rock soil, which takes 20,000 years to make, to be carried away by the wind and by water, producing dead rivers and huge dead estuary areas devoid of  marine life.

    Merely adding compost, etc., is not sufficient to remedy the loss of these valuable rock minerals, and  world government authorities now estimate that most of the currently used  soil will be entirely gone in 60 years time.

    Most organic food gives 8-12 times more mineral content than food grown quickly by artificial methods like NPK, though this mineral content is still insufficient, as the land has already been played out, unless virgin forest land is used, and there again, if goodness is just being taken out, no amount of compost will replace what is necessary, as in the natural cycle of things, whatever is eaten eventually goes back into the soil, but now our sewage is emptied into rivers and the sea, mixed with toxic toiletry, pharmaceutical and other chemicals, and is totally unusable as fertiliser.

    Microminerals such as praseodymium, lanthanum, samarium, neodymium as well as others such as silver, germanium, and selenium, can all be obtained in the optimal requisite amounts that God’s nature has arranged for us for proper sustainance, by the method of adding basalt rock dust and other rock dusts if required, where for instance a particular plant prefers a slightly different mineral complex for example ericaceous plants that like lime, such as rhodedendrons can be given a little limestone supplement.

    Plants grown by the method of adding rock dust are much more productive, much more nutricious than currently conventional organic produce, much hardier, much more resistant against disease, and pests. Exit Monsanto! We have all seen how GM crops are designed to commit genocide, by producing smaller brain weight, severe liver and kidney disease, still births etc., the Indian people and all other people should withdraw from using all toxic chemical fertilisers and GM seeds and live long, happy lives; basalt rock dust is the very method by which they can do this. No further need for expensive chemical hormones, pesticides, fertilisers and weedkillers, just rock dust will make plants grow wonderfully, nature’s way, and a little compost too as this is also of course an essential part of nature’s intended cycle. .

    A properly fed brain has a much higher IQ, produces much greater social cohesiveness and much lower crime rate, as with a properly functioning mind, people are much better able to discern what is a truly productive path in life.

    Our bodies are a revelation of the face of God, even in this world, and we will all be clothed in a higher revelation of God in spiritual bodies in Vaikuntha, each jiva being housed in a body of God’s own substance, with each variety of body specifically designed to attune each jiva to enjoy a particular wavelength of love and beauty, in that particular aspect of the eternal moment, so for instance in Krishnaloka, each jiva will be clothed in a duplicate body of Lord Krishna, with only a slight difference in detail. (In the Vaikuntha planets many varieties of body are present, in male and female form, whereas in the highmost planet, Goloka, all other jivas besides the divine purusha, Govinda, are clothed in female bodies, with full mobility between bodily types according to changing preference of each jiva). The function of the human body (and the bodies of all other creatures) is to usher us towards a higher refinement of cosmic social grace, where the intellect is comprised of perfectly articulated love, that being the very substance of the soul enlightened by being twinned with God, in the state of achintya bheda bheda tattva, simultaneous and inconceivable oneness with God, whilst yet still remaining an eternally distinct individual in relation to God and others. The substance of God is love and beauty, and a properly fed brain and body in this world is more capable of sensing God’s love and beauty even in this world, to guide them into the next world. Just as the sun enables the eyes to function, so the supreme organ of cognition, God, vivifies all other organs of perception, the individual Jiva souls. Love love, love beauty, become love become beauty. The acme of love and beauty is to be found in our communal supersoul, personified in the supreme lord Krishna, all beauty in nature such as coloured flowers, the fresh summer rain, and loving guidance of spiritual teachers are parts of the ultimate heavenly beauty, readily perceptible even in this world to bring us once more to eternal life.   Jaya Radhe, Jaya Govinda