A Load of Nuts going Crackers

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Mowing the lawn around a hazel tree – crunch, crunch – reveals:- Many of the nuts were still in their cases, so some work was needed to store them.

Recycling plastic pots

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From www.pottoproduct.co.uk Turning redundant pots into new useful products. It’s estimated that we each own about 39 redundant plastic plant pots and over the UK it is suggested there are over 5 million languishing in sheds and garages.  Why?  Because we … Continued

Cleaning the River Ganges (Ganga)

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September 11th, Amritapuri: Amma has presented a cheque for the equivalent of $15 million (£9.73 million) for the construction of toilets in the poorest villages surrounding the Ganga River, as part of the Clean India and Clean Ganga projects.  A … Continued