West London Allotment News

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Amma says: ‘When we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God, we automatically serve and protect her’   February 2014 — Amma’s Grace! We have taken on an Allotment from the William Hobbayne Centre in West London adjacent to a canal with … Continued

UK GreenFriends E-News, April 2014

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Hello and welcome to our first ever edition of our E Quarterly magazine. Last year a group of us decided we wanted to have a magazine  focusing purely on GreenFriends. If you would like to see anything you would like … Continued

Pandy Allotment in Welsh Borders

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Allotment number 4 at Llanvihangel Crucorney Allotments. “Ma’s Patch.” It is with great pleasure I can now confirm that I have an allotment number 4 at Pandy, 250m squared, 10 m wide and 25m long, it is a full war … Continued

India’s rice warrior

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Debal Deb maintains rare rice seeds and makes them freely available to farmers provided they grow them and return twice the quantity of seeds. He prefers a living seed bank where varieties are grown every year, and accuses large seed companies of trying to steal the varieties he keeps.