This site exists to publicize the environmental initiative known as GreenFriends. GreenFriends seek to promote the indissoluble link between humanity and Nature (which is also our own nature). As Amma’s ashram puts it:-

it is our dharma to take care of Nature because of the simple reason that she is in fact our true mother. GreenFriends feel this understanding to be essential in re-establishing the lost harmony between man and Nature, as well as between fellow human beings. For only when we realize that Mother Nature is our real mother will we treat all the plants, animals and other human beings lovingly as our brothers and sisters.

Here you can find:-

what Amma teaches about Nature;

a calendar of events;

what activities you can take part in individually or with a group;

what resources are available in the form of books, films etc.

Amma in London! See the calendar

If you are looking for the official Amma UK site it’s here. And the GreenFriends UK blog is here.

Latest articles

Soil fertility

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Peter Ash’s soil fertility course This online course will tell you all you need to know about creating and maintaining fertile soil. This workshop unlocks the secrets of natural soil fertility as well... READ MORE

Agroforestry – REVISED!

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Agroforestry, or forest gardening, as practised in Dartington by Martin Crawford. For a longer explanation see:– NEW See:– International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium, Online 31 May-4 June 2021 and on-demand READ MORE

Regenerative farming

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Regenerative agriculture in Spain, where the gaps between vines are no longer ploughed, and the Knepp Estate in UK, where some areas are returning to being farmed. In the rewilding project, biodiversity is... READ MORE

Soil Food Web

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This text comes from the description of the video (note that the special offer mentioned only lasts until April 22nd):– “In part one of our series on “Healthy Soil – Healthy Planet” we’ll... READ MORE

Tree planting at Burford

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Blue Cross animal rehoming centre has organized a series of tree planting days at their property near Burford. For more details contact Lucy Staveley – there are thousands of trees to plant! READ MORE